30 Mbps

Burstable to 50 Mbps

$50 One-time Installation

Our mid tier package.  Extra bandwidth for a small family.

  • E-mail, social media and General browsing
  • Multiple HD and single 4K streaming
  • Online gaming
  • Cloud service access
  • Frequent file downloading/uploading
  • Free Home Wireless Router



75 Mbps

Burstable to 100 Mbps

Installation Fee Waived

Our top residential package.  Plenty of bandwidth for the whole family!

  • HD and 4K Streaming on multiple devices
  • Heavy/multi-user gaming
  • Cloud services access
  • Frequent and large file downloading/uploading
  • General multi-user capacity
  • Free Home Wireless Router

Wireless Installation Gallery

Folks (usually residential) often ask me what an installation might look like.  Installation is similar to a TV satellite dish installation, though our dishes are typically about half the size.  Below are a few snapshots from recent installations.  Unlike a satellite dish that points up to the southern sky, we’re pointed toward a radio tower or the top of a building so we typically have to get higher up on one’s roof in order to achieve a ‘line of sight’ to our far transmitter location.