How Does it Work?

To get high speed internet in most areas, you have to rely on a hard cable on the telephone pole or in the ground.  Recent advances in wireless technology have come the age of the Wireless Internet Service Provider (or WISP).  Connecting to a Wireless ISP is a cross between cellular and satellite TV technology.  A dish similar to a satellite TV dish is mounted on the premises and pointed to our nearest tower or building connected to our robust fiber network.  By delivering internet access in this way, we can offer high bandwidth at a reduced cost.


Dependable and Reliable.

After a storm or other major event, while the other carriers are busy repairing cables that may have fallen, we only have to repair our major hubs (our antennas on buildings, towers, etc.).  While our hub locations usually backhaul onto the same fiber optic networks the other carriers use, we also employ additional high speed backhaul links between our hubs to create a redundant healing network.

Get Qualified!

Click the button to the right and send us your info.  We'll do an initial Google Earth qualification.  If we think you can reach one of our wireless hubs, we will schedule a final onsite survey and typically install the same day.